Bekijk de volledige versie : Hopefully my new toy WL500W

23-10-2007, 22:05
Hi Guys

tomorrow I should get my WL500W router.

I was looking and searching around about this router and seems the stock firmware from ASUS sucks big time (at least from what I read around)

I am in a dilemma on which firmware I should update if : Oleg or DD-WRT

I need USB working since most probably will connect my external 250G HD. Things that I will connect to it are : My kids PC, my DELL laptop (on WIFI), my xbox 360, Dreambox DM600PVR and my slingbox.

I need for sure DMZ, port forwarding and DYNDNS update working

What do you suggest ?

23-10-2007, 22:33
Only Oleg and original Asus firmware have USB support, but of course Oleg is much better.
DMZ, port forwarding and DYNDNS also works with no problem :)

23-10-2007, 23:17
thanks m8 ..then oleg will be :)

where can I find the addon features of oleg firmware for this router ?

should I install the pre12 ?