Bekijk de volledige versie : Building Firmware 1.1.28

06-11-2004, 13:25
Hi, I've just bought this part and I would like to build the firmware 1.1.28 !

But, it seems that the developer at ASUS has offered a defekt development tree.

It looks to me kind of unfinished, am I wrong ??

I've right now problems wit the new function chipphyupdate in

I figured out, that the prototype wasn't defined, ok easy defined it and now the compiling goes a few lines further.

But now I'm stuck with etc.c ( $(SRCBASE)/et/sys/etc.c)

I'm getting "undefined reference to chipphyupdate"

Help please

06-11-2004, 21:18

help not needed I'm already past this.

Dekl. Stuff done additional some linken under the include DIR in opt (linux-orig and asm-mips)

That Baby is right now compiling smb stuff !!

Thanks for reading this ;-)

10-01-2005, 18:21
so i'm stuck right there. what did you exactly do get past the "no previous prototype for `chipphyupdate'" error?