Bekijk de volledige versie : Backup to USB

22-10-2007, 14:07
Question for the Senior Members or anyone who knows

1. Is it possible to make a backup of all the installs to a USB key when you have completed the system as you would want?

If the answer that it's possible, what would be the most effective way of doing it.

Sorry if this sounds like a completely rediculous question but I really want to avoid the time spent fixing silly errors which have cost me so much time on this device.


22-10-2007, 15:15
It is possible when you run openwrt and change root to the usb stick then you can make a copy of it for backup

22-10-2007, 17:56
Hi back2basic,

Thanks for that, I figured it was possible with that version, have decided to use KC's version for now.