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05-10-2007, 14:27
Hi there!

I recently bought this router, and now im trying to do some stuff with it, ASP.net, FTP and so on... but i cant use the disk... i've formatted the disk with fdisk to 2 linux partition, one data and one swap... but i cant mount them?!

I get an error saying that the directory fstab doesnt exist...

Why is this? Have i installed the OLEG in a wrong way? How do i go from ASUS to OLEG? I downloaded the OLEG and updtated the firmware via the web interface on the router, is that the way to do it?

How/when is the fstab installed?


09-10-2007, 19:22
I will answer this question on myself since no one else knows how...

There seems to be no guide for how to format the disk correctly here, but i guess that was the problem because when i formatted the disk with partition magic it worked, i guess that with fdisk i didnt get the ext3 system by default, and i cant figure out how to do that with fdisk...

And when trying to make the filesystem in the prompt on SSH if the partiotions arent correct, the FSTAB cat doesnt seem to be updated, eventhough you dont get an errormessage from the makefilesystem-command...

09-10-2007, 22:59

did you follow any tutorial?

this thread: http://wl500g.info/showthread.php?t=5909 is pointing out how to format the disk.

hope this helps.