Bekijk de volledige versie : Problems with new Hard Disk and KFurges FW

26-09-2007, 16:26
Hi everybody,

first of all, sorry for my poor english ;) And thank you Kfurge for your nice custom firmware.
Now here's my problem.
I bought a new Seagate with 500gig. First I tried it as mentioned in the post from mumsoft here (http://wl500g.info/showthread.php?t=10198), which is a good idea but did not worked for me. If I put the hard disk back into my brick it says there is no partition on it. Yes, I saved the boot sector at start. ;)
Next, if I plug the brick out to carry it back to my laptop it won't start any more. I have to restore the firmware with the asus tool. Then it starts and I can do everything again. After the fifth time I got some little crazy feelings, and before I throw it out of the window, I rather ask here for help.
So please help me, or the brick will be used as a weapon. :rolleyes:



27-09-2007, 00:16
if you wanna put in a new hd you have to follow these steps



28-09-2007, 18:34
Yes, thats the way I made it now. Thought I could save and restore the data via USB. But that didn't work, as mentioned above.
I made it now via FTP, took me about 15 Hours :D And I think it works all now. All settings are there after a restart, even if I plug it out an in ;)
Thread can be closed. :)