Bekijk de volledige versie : Router needs to be restared...

30-08-2007, 19:18
Hi everyone,

I uses the latest Oleg FW on my router.. Everything works OK but if I start som heavy download for example with torrents mu router will just work for a while and then I only get Limited connection from the routher. If I restart the router everything works OK again.. What can solve this problem?


30-08-2007, 19:19
Just for information.. I use this FW from Oleg:


30-08-2007, 21:53
y, if I DL something from Rapidshare with Flashget over WLan this didnīt wrk rela good, very slow speed, 10-15kb/s@6Mbit DSL....many bugs in theire :-(
By a friend, olegs FW didnīt work on his wl-500w, same as mine, ordert together, but noone can connect via wlan...ah, and I have some PCīs with atheros pci WLAN Cards, they have connection problems too, only got a wpa2 wlan showed, but its wpa and no connection is possible, with newst drivers, I can connect with the atheros cards, but they only get 0,5-1kb/s...only device that works is intel bg2200 with newest drivers...I am not very happy :-(
I would take orginal fw but I need little tune up of mW, cause I am sitting in cellar and the router stands in top of the house...
Someone know how to tune the orginal FW in mW, so I didnīt need this buggy unsupported FW, sorry.
Oleg, thx to your work, but without little more support, your work was usless, cauwse your fw is very buggy :-(

31-08-2007, 06:08
The strange thing for me is that the routher works good... I can donwload from sites in 1.2mb / sec no problem... But after a while the routhers needs to be restarted.. thats very strange!!