Bekijk de volledige versie : WL-500b/g and the 4M flash barrier

24-08-2007, 14:47
Dear all,
I am interested in hearing the mod of 2nd USB port. A WL-HDD user said he will going to install a flash drive(?) onto that port in other thread. I was wondering if he successfully archive this.

Because of his idea, I am inspired and wondering if he had managed to duplicate a file system from (1) a root file system live in the running trx file, into (2) the newly installed flash drive. thus he can do a chroot into the flash drive root file system.

This is a good idea, I think. The flash drive is far larger than 4MB, alot more apps can live in this drive. So a step further, the linuxrc init script can seek if a live file system is on the flash drive, if it present, chroot to it; if not, continues the boot process. of course, security is risky. it may be easily to add a nvram option to disable this behavior.

This is very good for people compiling the kernel locally for development or testing purpose; as kernel version is not a frequently upgrade item for a long time, still, it is 2.4.20. I remembered nearly all linux distribution use this method in its installation. The kernel boots initramfs (.trx file except vmlinuz) then chroot to cdrom for X11 setup GUI.

I feel uncomfortable to reflash the on board mtd pften, as I am going wrong easily. So I am glad to hear if anyone can comment this idea.