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19-08-2007, 16:14
I just finished reviewing the target install of the and firmware images. For those that don't know, those are the files that are actually flashed to the router. Here's what I found:

1) Samba has gone through a serious upgrade from 3.0.2 to 3.0.23c. It's still about a year away from current 3.0.25b, but it's much more recent than it was and should incorporate a number of vista related fixes.

2) Significant changes have been made to the et and wl binary network drivers. Give the size increase, there's got to be some improvement. Some changes have also been made to the gpio driver, but they're not significant.

3) Quite a few changes to the web interface files, pictures, html, etc. It's hard to say what they are without experiencing them (which I have not done yet).

From what I could see, virtually all other applications were unchanged.

- K.C.

19-08-2007, 19:45

I know you're working on a feature rich version of the firmware, but as this will take some time, will you be releasing a "rc.local" version of the firmware?


20-08-2007, 07:06
I was hoping for that also.


20-08-2007, 09:05
You forgot to mention the 'upgrade' that the BT client has undergone. I can't get it to do anything in the firmware. :)