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17-10-2004, 17:29

I'm trying to get pppoe and dyndns deamon running on the wl-hdd.

I can run some files from the HD, like telnetd for example, and many other like iptraf or snort, but i cannot execute pppoecd or inadyn the same way. I get a file not found error if I run ./pppoecd

I'm sure this is a problem with the lib, so I would need to create a new firmware to include them. But is there a way to run this process from the stock firmware, like copying the lib in another folder?

I know this question is an easy one for you old linux power user. But a search on this subject is pretty hard

Thanks for any help

17-10-2004, 18:32
Usually a missing lib prob. I copied all libs to /tmp/harddisk/part1/usr/lib
You can compile your app w/o "-static" !

Then in a telnet session:
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/tmp/harddisk/part1/usr/lib

and now run your app

19-10-2004, 00:33
It wasn't this. I tryed adding all oleg's library to a folder, then do the export before running the pppoecd from oleg's firmware. I still get the not found error message. telnetd runs fine from the same folder.

28-04-2005, 21:55
Thatís my first Linux box so Iím a bit lost and have no idea on how to compile stuff for the WL-HDD.
Iím currently trying to have a DDNS client on my WL-HDD.
Any chance to get ez-ipupdate pre compiled for the WL-HDD so I may use it as is without reloading a full new firmware?

05-01-2007, 23:04
I have the dyndns working successfully and can reach my wl700ge from ftp but it doesnt give me a login, how do i enact this? i have looked through both sources but wasnt sure if it was something that dyndns should handle and couldnt get the router to post a user option.