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08-08-2007, 21:35
I tried to upgrade to the new friwamre using the Web interface like I did with but nothing happen, 60 min later still nothing....so I shut down the router, when I power back on I could not access the router anymore.

I tried the "unplug the router and plug it back in while pressing the EZ-setup button" wait for the blue light to flash and then try the Firmware Restore and select the firmware....the first 5 times nothing happen, the 6th time
I got the following "Could not bind announcement socket:10049"

Has anyone else had this problem? how did you fix it?

I downloaded the tftp file enter in the server the IP or .2 left the password field empty and for the file I enter the firmware and I got an error saying unable to access server.
I tried setting up a static ip but I'm not really sure how to do this, I have a cable connection.
I am using Windows Vista 32 bit, I went in the Local Area Connections "internet protocol Version 4 (tcpipv4) and selected use the following IP instead of obtain ip auto and I enter the IP
The subnet mask was auto enter for me 255.255.255
The other things like default subnet I left empty and DNS as well but it did not work.
I called Asus but they we're not able to help me, Monday I will return it back to them for RMA.
I will still try to fix it until then, if anyone can help many Thanks in Advance:D

08-08-2007, 22:49
try this one
first give youre pc the ip subnet 255.2555.255.0 gateway then try this.

( note when you do this nvram is cleared so all setting in the router are restored to default )

09-08-2007, 03:25
try this one
first give youre pc the ip subnet 255.2555.255.0 gateway then try this.

( note when you do this nvram is cleared so all setting in the router are restored to default )

This actually got the firmware started but half way it stop's and I still get the error unable to find server:mad:

When I set up a static IP I can't access the internet anymore but if I leave it on auto I instantly get the error unable to find server.
I dont think I can set up a static IP on my computer, what do you enter for dns? you just enter the default gateway right?
I remember I use to have a static IP address set up on widnwos XP for bitcomet and I enter the same details and I could access the net but it doesn't work on vista 32bit.
Any other ideas?

09-08-2007, 21:57
I manage to set up a static IP by calling my ISP but I can't access the router, I still get the error "unable to find server"
I tried everything but nothing works, I have no choice but to send it back to Asus, I wish they would just give me back the money so I can buy something better.

09-08-2007, 23:18
you could try this:

plug the router out, wait 20-30 sec, plug in and then try to press the ez-setup button until the 5th time the ready led blinks (then unpress the ez-setup button immediately) and then tftp the trx file as like there is written.


then install the nas file ( with the firmware restoration tool.

or you could try to install the openwrt trx file and then format the hd. then install the trx file again and follow the link above.

maybe that works


10-08-2007, 00:08
i had good success to bring again life into my dead wl700g
with pressing the reset button for approx. 10 sec., while powered normally,
then waiting a few minutes, until the original system has reinstalled itself
and was booting again, until the READY led shines.

give your network-interface, which is connected to your wl700g, a manual configuration, eg.
IP, subnetmask, Gateway, DNS
disable temporarily all other network interfaces of your PC, which may exist.

then login to the web-based router configuration and upload the new firmware
using the Advanced Setting -> System Setup -> Firmware Upgrade page

after uploading the new firmware and waiting a few minutes again, until the router has initialized,
skip the EZ-shit and set up your router manually using the web-based router config.

enable your temporarily disabled network interfaces again,
(i keep my PC's network-if, which is connected to the wl700g, manually configured)

this works for me repeatable and reliable (no matter if PC is running linux or WinXP)
with my wl700g, which came with a firmware.

my wl700g is normally running with kfurge's firmware,
but i also tested the fw for a short time.



10-08-2007, 07:16
I want thank "backtobasic" "Gratitude182" and "tiwag" for helping my router come back to life:D

It was actually a combination of different things that made it work, first the IP does not work for me IP does
I was able to upload the firmware trx but not the or normal firmware.
After the upload I still could not find the router but going into network and sharing folder I use Diagnose and Repair and somehow it found the router, even better I had internet access just like that...I was in shock and awe:eek:
Now I'm running firmware

Again thanks for taking the time to help out, hopefully if I ever have problems again this solution will fix.

10-08-2007, 10:35
@guru: nice that it runs again...

only the trx file (openwrt or the file) can be copied/installed with tftp! the nas file ( or if you have copied the trx file (not the openwrt file, because then openwrt is installed and works) you have to install the nas file (17-18 mb) with the firmware restoration tool.
you can't tftp the nas file because it's to big! with tftp the file size is max (i think) 2 mb!!!