Bekijk de volledige versie : Warning! WL-127 MiniPCI card present in WL-500b

16-10-2004, 06:01
As you may already know, in latest revisions of WL-500b router has been found WL-127 MiniPCI wireless card (RALINK RT2460 chip) instead of WL-120 (BROADCOM BCM4301 chip). It seems that quality of WL-127 is much worse than quality of WL-120 so think twice before buying a new WL-500b routers! Some users are reporting bad sensitivity of WL-127. It is not possible to change the output power anymore. Also the WL card's drivers are different so earlier firmwares (including customized ones) can't work with new WL-500b units. No MiniPCI card change was encountered in WL-500g units so far - there's WL-120g card (BROADCOM BCM4306 chip) still.