Bekijk de volledige versie : Canít get PPPoE idle disconnect working correctly with Olegís &

08-08-2007, 10:33
Hi Asus experts,

this is my 2nd try after posting a couple of weeks ago in the German forum, without getting any responses.

My intent was to migrate from original firmware to Olegís to get two USB printers working with my WL500gP. But unfortunately this has until now been prevented because idle disconnect does not work correctly.

After installing the, resetting to factory defaults, setting up PPPoE and activate the built in Firewall, my WL500gP is no more disconnecting itís PPPoE connection (which can be well verified in the logfile with denied incoming connects every other minute and the missing message: pppd[91]: Terminating connection due to lack of activity ).

I tried with different idle times (between 5 and 900 seconds), with and without ďTx OnlyĒ activated, but my WL500gP simply does not want to disconnect. As I do not have an Internet flat-rate, being connected 7x24 would be a little too expensive fore me. I tried the original FW with the same settings Ė and it is working correctly. Unfortunately the original FW does not support 2 printers at the same time.

Has anyone of you an idea, how to get the idle disconnect working with Olegís FW? Any help would be absolutely great !!!

Thx. in advance, hasselh

P.S.: I also tried the (-> Reset to Factory Default -> PPPoE + Firewall configured). The result is the same.