Bekijk de volledige versie : 30m LAN cable betw. 2 wl-500gP not working

18-07-2007, 22:11
I have connected 2 Asus via 30m LAN cable and as a result I can not ping one or the other. I have tried all ports available. the LAN LED is always up sometimes flashing on different ports sometimes not.
The 30m LAN cable is working properly if I only connect 1 Asus and ping it from the Laptop -that is surely working in both directions.
Also the 2 Asus do communicate properly if I hook up just a 1m LAN cable between them.

What is the problem? Is it the Asus 10/100 switch? Thanks for any advice!

18-07-2007, 22:42
Is the cable a direct or a crossover cable?

18-07-2007, 23:45
Is the cable a direct or a crossover cable?

I am using a 1:1 cable. Anywhy that should not matter as the Asus does auto MDI-X. Also the LAN Link LED is up.

21-07-2007, 21:49
the problem was not with cross-over or 1.1. I suspect one of the Asus spread the 50Hz all over the shielded cable. I simply isolated the cable shield on the end of one of the Asus (the suspected culprit) and now I see only 1% packet-loss.