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  1. redirect internal traffic
  2. ProFTPD and TinyHTTPD
  3. To revive a half-dead router?
  4. Can't change USB-HDD folder permissions
  5. Beginners mistakes
  6. dropbear xinetd problem
  7. Harddisk size limit
  8. Device Not Found
  9. how to compile binary for Asus native firmware
  10. wl500gP - does it suit my needs ?
  11. STIr4200 USB kernel module needed
  12. Queue in DM
  13. Shapping???? Traffic view????
  14. Asus WL-500gP and WL-107g
  15. Would YOU purchase this router today???
  16. getopt: command not found
  17. DM - BT speed
  18. Restore mode
  19. Telstra Bigpond BP3-USB MAXON modem and WL-500gP
  20. Problem with WL500gP, settings all gone after reboot
  21. USB - Disk free space: 0 bytes
  22. How to complie module
  23. wl500gp looses internet connection
  24. Can't connect to internet (although ping&traceroute possible)
  25. HP LaserJet 1000 not working on lan with all client winxp pro: sort of solution
  26. Hp F380
  27. Scanner
  28. WL500GP can't flash it anymore.
  29. btget can't upload
  30. WD Passport on WL-500gP
  31. controlling where harddisks is mounted
  32. Safety in numbers erasing nvram mtd or not mtd commands
  33. koppel.cz CDMA firmware and firewall
  34. new users not saved in flash fs
  35. configuring second wan
  36. Does it print thru Wi-Fi printer?
  37. Synchronization problem WL-500g Premium
  38. router 2 router
  39. Harddisk upgrade -> image ?
  40. Samba 3 Install problem
  41. samba dies
  42. Upgrade/downgrade all ipkg stuff?
  43. mysql installation problem
  44. New to this forum and router.help
  45. Connect WL-500g Premium and WL-500g together!?
  46. i need help...please :( for ext HD.
  47. Encrypted Container on Asus WL500gP
  48. Copying to and from the HD
  49. Port Forwarding to router (ssh, custom ports)
  50. Problem with login when installed Router?
  51. "programs" not working...
  52. Internet unreachable for LAN
  53. Reestore buton not working
  54. SABnzbd does not unrar
  55. Questions on the use of Transmission
  56. Can't connect to the Internet
  57. mt-daapd and roku soundbridge
  58. HP OfficeJet 5610 and Wl500 as printer server with MAC
  59. ninan on wl500 ?
  60. Old two USB Printers question and internet problem.
  61. Card Reader
  62. Oleg's firmware back to original
  63. what's the best torrent client
  64. ip_conntrack table overflow while running enhanced_ctorrent
  65. thttpd stops working (on idle)
  66. wl500gp coul be ATA?
  67. can't start transmissiond
  68. Wireless service turns off on idle ?!
  69. Looses all information, when unplugged
  70. Newbie question
  71. How to stop firmware auto mount HD
  72. USB 1 to usb 2?
  73. Another "Bricked my 500gP" Thread, but slightly different
  74. Printing with Lexmark e120 laser
  75. Yet another noobish question...
  76. A few questions (need ans quick)
  77. Mwget WebUI for wget
  78. slow speed with olegs firmware help?
  79. Network storage HD as FTP?
  80. Prolific USB-RS232 and newCS
  81. What HD?
  82. How to connect two printers at the same time ?
  83. Oleg firmware supports wl500gP v2?
  84. Where and when does my partitions get mounted?
  85. How put files (photo, mp3) on USB HDD webserver?
  86. lan-wlan transfer problem
  87. Is rtorrent working?
  88. 'virtual directory' for thttpd
  89. Python script needs "python" command, NOT python2.5...
  90. Using router as a man-in-the-middle
  91. What are the correct LAN's DNS servers
  92. Norwegian characters.
  93. Cant connect via Telnet or SSH
  94. fstab - automount
  95. Has anyone got Mediatomb running
  96. mysql: read only (or something strange)
  97. HP LaserJet M1005 and W500gP
  98. Strange ipkg behavior
  99. vsftp error on Oleg 7g
  100. Legitimate portforwards blocked/dropped?
  101. automount to a folder at your choise
  102. How to change IP of vlan1 without restarting router?
  103. Preview for downloading aMuled files ?
  104. USB to serial
  105. lighttpd and SSL
  106. net works, but cannot access usb disk or web-gui
  107. slow speed upload\download on ftp
  108. Imagemagick / identify without any image format
  109. Ipkg failing wget
  110. Soundbridge and WL500GP?
  111. lighttpd not accessible from internet
  112. how to back up everything
  113. how to make 500gp to a power linux machine?thx
  114. Vista with WL500gp Samba
  115. One simplne question
  116. Can not connect under Linux to 500gP
  117. Printing in shell
  118. "broken pipe" with flashfs save
  119. Need some help with scripting (top, ps, grep etc.)
  120. Download speed on usb-powered external hard drive versus flashdisk
  121. Auto-Bridging LAN-ports often fails, promiscuous mode, dev_set_promiscuity
  122. Prevent crond from logging (WL-500gP with Oleg's fw)
  123. Firewall config for WL-500gP in access point operation mode with no Wifi
  124. FTP cannot create sub-folders
  125. is there different version of WL500g premium
  126. Packet Loss
  127. help please
  128. speedtouch 546 + wl500gp
  129. wl-500g prem cant find ibook usb hd after reboot
  130. Questions on Transmission & WL500gp
  131. remove files on usb via smb - free space not updated
  132. older rtorrent version
  133. how to update 'ipkg.sh update' ?thx
  134. WL-500gP + Multifunction Printer
  135. Files and dirs 'lost'. Please help!
  136. WLAN WPA failure..pls help
  137. Trouble after preparing the USB drive and post-boot
  138. Question about Cron
  139. svnserve start at boot
  140. Help DMZ!!!
  141. connect to USB drive using OSX
  142. how to Install Transmissions' New version??
  143. Hp Lj 1010
  144. telnet/ssh to router from internet
  145. Anything wrong with my partitions
  146. Which and Finger
  147. Mounting HDD (stupid-ftpd.conf)
  148. running kamikaze & x-wrt, howto ad block of ips as source in firewall
  149. 4 USB ports
  150. WL-500Gp and Cccam
  151. Please help, got problem with post-firewall
  152. Where static routes configuration is stored?
  153. Sharing files, usb harddrive, Windows
  154. Script for asus router
  155. Which port is which interface
  156. USB can't detect External HD and printer
  157. How do I restore to Oleg default?
  158. 500gp can Support "Multifunctional reader"?
  159. ips and computers in LAN
  160. Help please... SAMBA config
  161. allow ftp, ssh from wan using olegs
  162. why php-thttpd can't up?
  163. Check here if u encounter disk error
  164. Nload puts a large strain on the router?
  165. enhanced-ctorrent ~100% cpu
  166. post firewall trouble FTP directory listing
  167. Can this be done?
  168. en.-ctorrent and opening ports
  169. change of USB stick to USB drive
  170. help me to configure eduroam on wl-500gP
  171. Disconnect when idle?
  173. Repository site
  174. Help instaling Twonkyvision Media Server 4.2 in Asus WL-500GP
  175. Transmission - segmentation fault
  176. Help to make Script to restart dialup connection
  177. Clone package for WL500gP by Thira
  178. 2x wifi
  179. set / read GPIO's
  180. Dead or brick ? Lan and WAN 1-4 leds on steady
  181. Torrential WebUi for ehnanced-ctorrent not working on my wl500gP
  182. Česk vlkno
  183. Control Router via bluetooth-phone (for playing mp3s) - how to install pybluez?
  184. Syntax for a drive on the 2nd USB port
  185. Some help scripting (blank space in variable)
  186. WL500gP port forwarding problem while using NAS
  187. Diferent users..
  188. Can the WL-500g Premium see multiple USB-drives?
  189. Open port with iptables
  190. How to get wireless client or ethernet bridge mode to work?
  191. curl crashing
  192. How to start dhcp on a separate vlan
  193. 500gP Cisco ASA Vpn
  194. Bittorrent, DHT, Web UI
  195. p910nd loging print jobs?
  196. WL-500gP & Opendchub
  197. session per host limit
  198. pluged in printer and it just worked, wow
  199. Can't connect to the router
  200. Affix Bluetooth
  201. Twonkymedia for WL500GP
  202. is it possible to resize the ext3 partition?
  203. array in script
  204. How can I VPN bridge 2 wl500gP routers?
  205. usb phone
  206. nzbget - binary newsgrabber
  207. IP Accounting and limiting the speed
  208. Torrent client with DHT support
  209. How to see total number of connections
  210. Writing problem on external Harddisk
  211. Can't succesfully complete firmware upgrade.
  212. Autostart script/program?
  213. WAN fileaccess? (not ftp)
  214. parse command output to html
  215. https tunnel for ssh
  216. Creative NX Pro wecam, does it work?
  217. Automatic torrent episode downloader
  218. wlan probs..
  219. usb drive switches from part1 to part2 (and vice versa) on reboot
  220. D-link VPN Client
  221. WL-500gP and ACS (No DHCP)
  222. Vlan configuration with Kamikaze 7.09
  223. iptables to port forward to a server
  224. Many simple questions
  225. EXT3-fs Warnings mounting HDD
  226. Fwbuilder iptables multiport
  227. Adding HTTPS to web admin iface
  228. Long packet fragmentation
  229. How to install torrent client with webGui
  230. Is there a software to download utf-8 files of ftp on 500gp
  231. Transmission problem
  232. need help for setting up WL500gP
  233. Use of Web Interface?!
  234. D-Link DSM-320 Wireless Media Player
  235. WL-500qP as set top box?
  236. WL-500gp and Transmission
  237. Problems with starting mysql.
  238. Slow speed on transmission
  239. How to restart router with a simple URL/line?
  240. Newbie question on USB HDD access from WAN
  241. interfaces on WL500gP
  242. having more then two USB devices connected via hub
  243. Safely removing an HDD
  244. Why Samba Demo is in mode?
  245. ipkg installation problem
  246. HP laserjet 1018 (1020) on WL500GP - Proper HOWTO needed
  247. network speed
  248. once again - writing NFFS harddisks
  249. Cannot restore WL500gP firmware