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WL500g with WL330g
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Thread: WL500g with WL330g

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    WL500g with WL330g

    I´ve some problems with the transferrate ive got currently.
    Ive hooked up a wl330g to my xbox (in ethernet adapter mode ), installation went flawless.
    But when i transfer a file from my laptop with builtin 54g adapter (which normally function very speedy) i only get 700k/s, which is kinda slow.
    Does anyone has an idea how i can speed it up?

    WL500g with WPA/WEP disabled, only MAC access control.
    Only one wall between the wl500g and wl330g. (laptops with wlan transfer very fast at the same place)

    btw: fast for me is around 4mb/s

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    nobody can help me out here?
    transfering large files takes ages now....

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