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Thread: How-to: Use your router as a BitTorrent Client

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    yeah, the file i just now is like 89mb big. For each time i tried it, i used another one, though it can´t be because of the torrent file.
    now i tried it with ctorrent filename.torrent and as you can see it doesn´t work at all:

    [luckynuts@(none) Download]$ ctorrent weekend.torrent
    -bash: ctorrent: command not found
    [luckynuts@(none) Download]$ enhanced-ctorrent weekend.torrent
    Created On: Wed Feb 8 14:52:46 2006
    Piece length: 262144

    <1> 2 Live Crew- Sports Weekend-for [94108484]
    Total: 89 MB

    Segmentation fault
    [luckynuts@(none) Download]$

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    just an idea (worth to try).

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/lib
    and try the ctorrent again

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    i typed that in and it didn´t show any affect...what is it suppose to do anyway?

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    By default, the system looks for libs only in /lib and /usr/lib

    If your packages are installed to /opt, then is good to 'tell' the system to look also in /opt/lib

    I had few times when "Segmentation fault" was solved by this.
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    do i have to be in a certain folder to typ that in or something?

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    no. you can run it from anywhere.

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    Manually downgrade enhanced-ctorrent to enhanced-ctorrent_dnh2-3_mipsel.ipk. This version is working fine on wl700ge router.

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    The downgrade work for me too. Thanks for de advise !!!

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    It's not very polite to post the same question on several groups on the same website.

    Specially, since the answer is the same:

    You will need to set the path everytime manually if you login as root. Which is explained somewhere in this thread:

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    Hey this bit torrent client works great for me it uploads, and downloads great i have tired 10 sites, with 4 download from different source. I Love it thanks for the great tutorial!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denmike View Post
    Manually downgrade enhanced-ctorrent to enhanced-ctorrent_dnh2-3_mipsel.ipk. This version is working fine on wl700ge router.
    I'm trying to do this at the moment. What is the actual command to downgrade enhanced-ctorrent?


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    ipkg -force-downgrade install enhanced-ctorrent_dnh2-3_mipsel.ipk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denmike View Post

    ipkg -force-downgrade install enhanced-ctorrent_dnh2-3_mipsel.ipk
    Thanks, that did the trick. I just needed to to make sure I was in a folder that was writable before I performed the wget.


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    Tks Guys,

    3 hard days and nites and finally a bit torrent system working even if it's command line it's good to have it working.

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