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Newbie Lost
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    Newbie Lost

    I just wanted to say whats up to all of you and tell you it seems like you are doing great work here. Some really talented people. I wish ASUS had talented people like you guys working for them even at customer service.

    I was wondering when you think they will update their torrent support or you guys will be able to get this thing doing something besides Queued? This Brick has some potential and there is nothing worse than wasted talent.

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    The way that the current ASUS firmware is written, it wouldn't be too hard for ASUS to at least change the ctorrent client for the enhanced-ctorrent client (not that I think that will happen!) The modified firmware does an ok job if you dont mind starting things up from the command line.

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    It may be my only choice. Wish they would have be a bit more thoughtfull when it came to their firmware. I think it need a major overhaul but you guys are doing great with that.

    Asus makes great MB's I am sorry I am stuck with this science project of a router

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