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Torrentflux mod, controls Transmission - can someone package it?
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Thread: Torrentflux mod, controls Transmission - can someone package it?

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    Torrentflux mod, controls Transmission - can someone package it?

    I found this torrentflux mod which controls transmission instead of TF's bittornado. it also use sqlite

    You can get it here:

    I was successfully get it up and running with thttpd, php5 and sqlite.

    The problem is that it requires a patched version of transmission client in order to be able to work under this torrentflux mod. which is available here:

    Can some of us compile this special torrentflux and create a package?

    Would be cool if this whole tf mod were built into a single, ready to install package.

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    Already done. Look at transmission package which includes daemon and CGI interface.

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    yeah, thanks a lot - actually i'm using your transmission package right now. But the CGI front-end is so fustrated (for me) and i still cannot get it to work after trying for 3 days, due to my complete noob in Linux...

    What i'm doing now is using screen and transmissioncli for downloading...So, i'm trying to use torrentflux which will allows everyone (Reads: me and my brother) to have their own, separated torrent downloads and looks more friendly.

    However, unpatched transmission did not work with this Torrentflux mod - it will start for 2-3 seconds and disappeared. I have read the B4rt forums and found that it requires a patched transmission binary - that is what i have been asking for your favor...

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    I would like to hear some responses about CGI interface as I am using it for more than a year and I understand that smome suggestions or instructions for using it are needed. Besides help and README.daemon there is really no documentation. So just ask for instructions. It should run on Oleg firmware with alternative uclibc feed called "Oleg" http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/op.../cross/stable/

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    CGI Interface,

    Actually, i got torrentflux working now...I just forgot that it has bittornado (python client) buit-t it slows my router down a lot and eat all of its RAM (and another 64MB of swap)...but does the job.

    For CGI interface, i just ipkg install transmission and it included with the installation right? This is what happened to me:

    I read the README then I have created source, work, target folder then put some torrent into source folder (unfinised, moved from PC), started the S80busybox_httpd and visit my router on port 8008

    CGI page comes up, but there were nothing on the screen ... just the buttons :P with my keen of investigating...I tried to push every button i could but nothing happened... I remembered that i have tried to create a file call active-torrents.txt and put full path to my torrent inside it but i still got nothing... Then i went further and chmod source, work and target to 777 but my torrents still not listed on screen (-*-)

    I was be able to get a list of my torrents once, after i have remove and install transmission again. But i cannot do anything with them, actually i also unsure of what each button does...

    Yeah, I have been searching around for instructions but I still can't get it to work...

    I know how much you hate "doesn't work", i'm also a programmer (ASP/VB.NET/C# - never do anything on linux until i got this router ) - but in this case...I just can't figure out what to do.

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    files *.torrent should reside in SOURCE directory. And pressing List shoud list them. To force on torrent into active, select torrent and press Push.

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