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Problem with Firmware Restoration utility
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Thread: Problem with Firmware Restoration utility

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    Problem with Firmware Restoration utility


    How exactly does one use the Firmware Restoration Utility
    included in the Asus CD?

    I have tried looking for ASUS documentation but couldn't find
    any. There is a thread on this forum which describes the
    process (see http://www.wl500g.info/showthread.php?t=1329 ),
    but it's not working for me: the restoration utility complains
    of "invalid IP address" and seems unable to find the router.

    Now, I have reset the router to factory defaults, set my PC's
    IP address to, and connect the two using an
    ethernet cable. I did all the steps described, but still it
    wouldn't work. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

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    can you ping your router?
    Flash the power LED slowly?
    have you connect your ethernet cable in the LAN port und not the WAN port?

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    can you ping your router?
    Before hitting reset, sure! The computer and the router
    are connect via an ethernet cable. The PC's IP is
    and the router's is of course the default
    There are no other machines in the network.

    Flash the power LED slowly?
    I power off the router, press and hold the reset button,
    power on the router, and only release the reset button
    once the power LED starts blinking. This is the correct
    procedure, right?


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    yes, that's ok
    can you still ping your router?

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    yes, that's ok
    can you still ping your router?
    While the the power LED is flashing? Yes,
    it does answer to pings.

    And after a while of blinking on/off (a minute or so),
    the power LED turns permanently on and the router
    leaves the recovery mode by itself.

    And btw, the router is fully functional -- I need
    to use the Firmware Restoration utility because
    I want install openwrt and the default web-interface
    does not accept the firmware image.

    Thanks again for your help!

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