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Upgrade WL-HDD to or
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Thread: Upgrade WL-HDD to or

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    Port or to WL-HDD

    Hi all,

    Have anyone get ideas or plans to migrate of WL-HDD device to or

    PLS refer below post links.

    Have a NICE day,
    Eric Apr 27, 2011
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    Hi Lly,

    Thanks for your quickly reply.
    So, does it means WLHDD(BCM4702/4MB flash/16MB SDR 32bit) just support "kernel 2.4.20.XX" tree only??? Once we want full function of WiFi.
    I have check below link of yours post:
    Ha ha ha... , we should complain lazy Broadcom.
    And Oleg's post link about this:

    There's one thing annoy me very much.
    Basically in my concept, I think the "WLHDD-" should boot correct for WLHDD device, but it does not work and seems reboot loopy.
    PS: "svn checkout http://wl500g.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/" on Apr 8.
    Till I plug in Ethernet cable(of course the other side connect to PC), the device goes into rescue mode automatically.
    After I download "WLHDD-", it works as before and just miss/overwrite flashfs only(but the nvram config remains).

    Here have I missed some setting or other???
    PLS check below modification of "gateway/Makefile":
    FlashMaxSize = \
    $(if $(filter $(1),WL520gc),1703936, \
    $(if $(filter $(1),WL500gx WL550gE WL320gE WL320gP WL330gE RT-N10 RT-N12),3801880, \
    $(if $(filter $(1),WL520gu WLHDD),3901880, \
    $(if $(filter $(1),WL500gp WL500W WL500gpv2 WL700g),7995392, \
    $(if $(filter $(1),RT-N16),16384000,0))))) \
    modules_install-WLHDD: modules_install install -t $(MODULESDIR) \
    install -t $(MODULESDIR) \
    $(SRCMODULESDIR)/drivers/usb/host/usb-ohci.o \
    $(SRCMODULESDIR)/drivers/char/gpiortc.o \
    $(SRCMODULESDIR)/drivers/ide/ide-core.o \
    $(SRCMODULESDIR)/drivers/ide/ide-disk.o \
    make images-WLHDD

    Once again, the "WLHDD-" work properly in WL-520GU model.
    I am a new one in recompiling/custom firmware task, learn lots technics form your helpful web page, it's great useful and thanks for your pay attention also effort.

    Have a NICE day,
    Eric Apr 27
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    There is no simple way, at all.

    At least, you have to backport support of an old CPU in Broadcom SDK - see src/include/*, src/shared/*

    Anyway, since there is no sources of WiFi driver, you will miss WiFi support.
    FW &
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    Hi all,

    Currently I am using "WLHDD-" for my WLHDD device for a long time(2 years),
    It quite good for e169U 3.5G/HSDPA usb modem to internet accessing, while I am in outdoors.
    PS: http://koppel.cz/cdmawifi/download/1...9-USB-1.70.trx

    For some reasons I need recompiling/custom firmware and upgrade kernel ver,
    but so far the 2.4.20.XX) does no longer support original WL-500g/b/bv2/WL-300g/WL-HDD units(hardware vendor no longer support BCM4702 CPU).
    PS: http://oleg.wl500g.info/#latest
    And the new branch of 2.4.37) or 2.6.22) does not support WLHDD(BCM4702/BCM5325M) also.
    PS: http://code.google.com/p/wl500g/wiki/Devices

    I try to modify/um-remark root directory (in gateway) "Makefile" of as below lines:
    #make images-WLHDD
    #make images-WLHDD

    After "make ; make install" process, it builds "WLHDD-" without problems.
    unfortunately WLHDD(BCM4702/4MB flash/16MB SDR 32bit) seems doesn't work for new TRX file.
    BTW, this new "WLHDD-" does work in WL-520gu(BCM5354/4MB flash/16MB SDR 16bit) very well.

    Would please someone gives hints or ideals to tell me how to porting or to WLHDD?
    Should I modify "shared/boot.S" or "shared/sbsdram.S", or other SFR setting,
    PS: http://code.google.com/p/wl500g/wiki/MemoryController
    Or to update driver OBJ form Broadcom.???

    Have a NICE day,
    Eric Apr 27,2011
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