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Vista with WL500-Oleg WPA "limited conntectivity"
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Thread: Vista with WL500-Oleg WPA "limited conntectivity"

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    Unhappy Vista with WL500-Oleg WPA "limited conntectivity"

    I have the stange problem, that my WL500gp (Oleg works flawlessly with Windows XP (my company notebook T60p and MSI Wind netbook)

    After my company upgraded my T60p to Vista, I can not configure a valid connection in Vista.

    It finds it, accepts the WPA PSK, but after connecting it keep's saying "limited connectivity", gets a dummy IP adress and no access to the internet.
    (BUT a test conneciton to a WPA enabled Thomsons router worked ...)

    The MSI Wind can always still connect (also my Ipod Touch).

    I've tried:
    - Several ways of defining my hotspot
    - changed WPA to WPA2 (enterprise etc) ... nothing
    - Disabling the IPv6 service
    - Disabling IPv6 on the WLAN adapter
    - Setting the DhcpConnBbastFlag in the registry
    - Disabling the DhcpForceBroadcastFlag in the registry

    I'm stuck ... hours of googling ... and not wiser ...
    Does anybody have an idea? Is this a general issue with WL500 and Olegs FW?

    I would appreciate any help ... thanks in advance!

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    Not sure if you're still waiting for feedback.

    When my laptop arrived it had Vista preloaded. My previous router had WPA-PSK (no WPA2) and that just did not work under Vista (only the first day it did work oddly enough ...). That and a couple of other huge annoyances caused me to "downgrade" to XP (I guess the terms upgrade/downgrade are subjective to personal interpretation ).

    Obviously you are not in a position to revert back to XP. My best shot would be to use WPA-AES or WPA2. Be sure to check if there is a newer/better driver available for your wireless card. Also try a wireless USB adapter if you have one.

    Also, I have noticed that certain network cards fail to connect when you set them to 54G only. Some cards just refuse to work unless you choose B/G Mixed mode ...

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    Lightbulb solved ... but with different FW

    thanks for your reply!

    I tinkered around with the current oleg-fw build, but nothing seemed to work. There is definitly an issue with the way Vista uses the WLAN interface.

    With an paralell installed Thomson router my vista was able to connect.

    I've decided to try an other alternate FW on my asus WL500 -> dd-wrt ...
    AND it works like a charm now ... without changing anything on my vista.

    My WL500 modifications are now gone ... but im using anyway a new more powerfull unix server.

    So ... my solution to change to dd-wrt seems a little bid odd ... but for me it worked and I found NO other solution without changing my business vista installaton (which i can't)


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    It's definately something with Vista or the driver in Vista. Too bad your boss made you use Vista

    Anyway, glad to hear you've got a workaround.
    Good thing these boxes can run different firmwares

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    I had exactly the same problem. XP worked fine, Vista not at all.
    My solution was to upgrade to fw and that fixed it for me.

    However, now I upgraded to Windows 7 and the problem is back: I can't get the laptop with Windows 7 to connect to the Asus WL-500g

    Anyone a solution for that?

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    You are not giving any info.

    which hardware?
    drivers for wifi?

    the more info the better..

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