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Thread: Connecting 2 extra USB ports (Asus 500gx)

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    Thumbs up Connecting 2 extra USB ports (Asus 500gx)

    Hi everyone,
    Asus WL-500gx has 2 more USB ports "hidden inside". Here are some pictures of my 500gx now with 3 USB connectors - feel free to get inspired

    I took a USB extension bracket for PC motherboards and unmounted one of the connectors. Some shuffling was needed to create the correct pinhead pinout. The on-board pinhead has only 2xDATA+, 2xDATA- (there are 2 ports) and GND. To make the USB complete, +5V is required. There's a spot prepared for a capacitor nearby - an ideal candidate for +5V and another GND for shielding. However this needs some soldering

    Cable colors in my case are as follows:
    DATA+ - green
    DATA- - white
    GND - black
    shielding - black

    DATA+ and DATA- are marked on the board as USB_3P/USB_4P and USB_3N/USB_4N respectively.

    Mounting the USB connector on the back of the box is just a matter of handicraft. A drill and a sharp knife should suffice to do it nicely.
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