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Again harddrive errors...
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Thread: Again harddrive errors...

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    Again harddrive errors...

    I just don't get this, I get more harddrive errors than I ever had since I moved on to the more advanced shutdown and startup scripts from the wengi how-to.

    the e2fsck command comes up with a lot of multiply-claimed blocks for some reason, while I never had a faulty shutdown or startup.
    Last month I completely copied the hdd to my pc to get it clean, then I copied everything back... took me 2 days
    so.. fresh formatted hdd without badblocks that crashes after 1 month is just crazy

    does anyone know if the oleg firmware use the cache on the hdd? and how to shut it down?
    it doesn't really speed up anything I guess

    I'm now repairing the hdd on ubuntu, as my router completely got stuck due to big size calculations how to solve the hdd problems, even my quad core system here gives a 100%cpu usage... just insane

    most file errors came from the torrent folder (transmission)
    anyway... try to save as mutch as I can

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    well... it seems to be no files are lost

    but it did come up with this at the end:

    /dev/discs/disc0/part4: 18375/60506112 files (7.6% non-contiguous), 37391101/120989531 blocks

    if my translation is right... non-contiguous is something like fragmentation?

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