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New firmware V.
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Thread: New firmware V.

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    New firmware V.

    Download it from ASUS FTP-site or get it here:

    ASUS Wl-500W

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    of course there is no info about this release...

    Any on know what was fixed is this release?


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    Quote Originally Posted by IMM22 View Post
    Any on know what was fixed is this release?
    Also, when could we expect Oleg's update based on that version?

    I am asking because Oleg's latest version provides highly unreliable wireless connection on my WL500-W - clients reconnect very often (and fail to do so very often too). So I am splitting between desire to use extra functions provided by Oleg - and necessity to have my network running ((

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    I don't know if/when olegs firmware will be based on this version, but at least the source code is available!
    download sourcecode

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