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Thread: External antenna connector

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    External antenna connector

    Can anyone tell me?

    I need to connect an external antenna. I dont care about the fact that the connector is deeply recessed in the case. I just have to hack the case.....

    This site states that it should be an reverse SMA connector, but I dont think so. I would say that it looks more like a MC connector....

    BTW: Tim has a picture of the board: It is the "1" External antenna connector I am intrested in.

    ... and here is a picture of just the connector:

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    I desolder original connector and solder RSMA pigtail ( from Dlink DI-624 ). Working fine for me...

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    ...or u can do like this

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    WL300g versus WL330g external antenna

    Unfortunately, replacing the test connector like for the 300g didn't work for my WL-330g. Finally I found the reason for this on the following website:

    I also did the modification myself (was scared of damaging the PCB, but it worked out fine) and it works great.

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