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What's in the kfurge mod?
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Thread: What's in the kfurge mod?

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    What's in the kfurge mod?


    My first post here...

    I'm not happy with the WL700gE's BT client out of the box. Also I want to be able to set up my WL700gE as a music server hardwired to my media player. The WL700gE should then connect wireless to my main Router... I have read that this set up is not possible through AccessPoint mode out of the box (or any other mode for that matter), while still being able to use the BT client. Will I be able to correct this using the Kfurge Bios and mods?

    Judging from the posts in here The Kfurge mod sounds to be the best right now... I have been reading in here about 6 hours now and I cant really find any factuals about how the new user interface is working/looking or is it just the same as it was before and just working better!? I understand that i get to add other programs to it like another BT client and so on, but even after reading through the How to and The PDF how to... I still feel miles away from secure about venturing in to this project. Especially parts like "I decided to symlink the /tmp/fstab and /tmp/shells files to the real files" sounds like nonsens to me. I'm a windows and old DOS dude... But if some one would update the pdf HOW TO (in the middle it says this is as far as i got!?) What is that? Is it going to work or what? After that point it continues, but get very technical and hard to understand with lots of obvious terms (If you are experienced Linux unix or what ever you need to be to understand everything in her, user) So if there is windows users brave enough to have done these changes to their WL700gE and made it through to some thing working, maybe one of you could update the PDF HOW TO DO IT. Also some detailed examples on how to ad another BT client would be great!

    I know I'm asking a lot, but you don't know how great full My self and other windows people would be if you could help out in this way!

    Many thanks in advance for any help and encouragement...


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    The same here

    I have the same problem here. I bought a wl700 and not satisfied with the bt, ftp and http downloads. I have a lot of experience with computers, networks and windows. But i also don understand a word of all solutions priveded in the fora. I would like to ugrade the firmware as well, but i dont know how. I think loads of unsatisfied users have this problem. I was also thinking of setting up a post as yours, but its allready there. So i hope there will be awnsers coming soon from helpfull readers. If i discover someting, i will surely post it and hope you and other users will do the same in this threath. Hope we have solutions soon!


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    Using a windows analogy......

    The asus firmware is windows.

    The Kfurge firmware is windows PLUS a command prompt to do more sophisticated instructions, that windows wouldn't let you do.

    rc.local is like autoexec.bat, it enables a custom setup after windows has done its default startup.

    The firmware upgrade is extremely easy, just use the firmware upgrade webpage. Kfurge's upgrade instructions are there as a emergency measure incase you have problems.

    The BT client is unchanged by Kfurge. I've found this pretty good to use. An alternative could be this (with GUI!).

    There's more instructions where the PDF install guide left off at here.

    Is it becoming clearer?

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    Ive read loads of "how to's" now but im not getting any wiser what to do exactly. Everywhere are other stories on how to. First of all, where to put the rc.local file. Serveral sites tell me to put it in the web dirctory, others in the etc dir. I think want to follow kfurge its how to on
    But there still are questions for me on the rc.local file. Especially this part.
    Example rc.local files

    This rc.local script starts an unprotected telnet daemon on the local interface, creates a functional fstab, and sets up the environment for installing and executing optware packages.

    In addition to #1, this rc.local script spins down the internal HDD. You'll have to rename this file to rc.local and create a /shares/MYVOLUME1/opt/etc directory in order for the HDD spin-down to work properly (cd /shares/MYVOLUME1; mkdir -p opt/etc).

    In addition to #2, this rc.local script does a lot more (it's intended for demonstration only! You certainly won't want to use it as-is.). You'll have to rename this file to rc.local and it also requires /shares/MYVOLUME1/opt/etc being present.
    End quote.

    Can anybody tell me how to do this from a windows point of view?

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    you could use putty and telnet onto the box if you have installed the custom firmware from kfurge and put the rc.local in the web folder. in windows you have to use a unix editor for the rc.local, then it works.

    the commands you have to use in telnet.


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    But im i right that i have to copy the rc.local file to the webfolder with explorer, restart the wl and then upgrade the firmware?

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    yes, yould could do so. you could also install the firmware and put the rc.local file to the web folder and restart. after that telnet should be open and you can install the packages. if telnet isn't open then the rc.local file isn't okay (you have to use a unix-style-editor).


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    rc local

    Ok could you point me to the right rc.local file. I see loads of these files circling around.

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    on the description of kfurge there is the rc.local file

    Step #2, Loading rc.local

    To customize the router startup, an rc.local file *MUST* be put onto the router. From the factory default state, with no telnet access, adding rc.local takes two steps. The first step allows the script to be executed from a location where it's easy to drop it onto the router. Unfortunately, this location is rather insecure. The second step secures the script from the outside world by relocating rc.local to an internal location not accessable via standard file sharing.

    Grab the starter rc.local script. The script must have proper unix-style line terminators to execute on the router so don't edit it with braindead windoze editors like notepad.

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    OK, i will start a new topic tonight (im at work) on how to do it as a dummy. But first i have a question. How do i know if the rc.local works properly? Can i see some difference?
    And if the rc.local is done and the firmware upgrade is done, how do i see if the new firmware is active as well?


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    when you can telnet onto it the rc.local and the firmware works.

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    Do i have to open a port on the WL to telnet and can i do it with hyper therminal (it has a telnet function in it) If not, which (free) program can i use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeperKing View Post
    Using a windows analogy......

    The asus firmware is windows.

    The Kfurge firmware is windows PLUS a command prompt to do more sophisticated instructions, that windows wouldn't let you do.

    I would say M$ windows with cygwin installed.
    Life is hard if without bash!!

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    telnet will be open with the rc.local!

    use putty (google it)

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    Reading a lot of posts, i see that bt downloads (after kfurge's upgrade) have to be started by commands and not by an interface, is this true?
    What can be expected from firmware version

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