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Thread: Twonky - where can I put my files?

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    Twonky - where can I put my files?

    I am unable to choose the place where twonky should search for media. That is in SHARE/Content Locations of the GUI. How do I do this.

    For example
    I am thinking that I would like to have a HDD added per USB. How can I point twonky to these files when it scans for media?

    I thought that this was changed by the twonkymedia-default.ini which looks like this

    friendlyname=Twonky MSS

    I have for a couple of days now posted a similar question in the twonky forum but have had no response and as the wl700g is not supported by twonky I think that I made a mistake posting there first. So please spare me the forum rules rant.

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    It's just there in the webinterface
    You can add as many locations you like. An external disk is a foreign share for that matter.

    See also:


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    I totally agree but my choices are
    and that is it.
    Thanks for the reference. I hope that I have read every english and german post with the word "twonky" in it.
    You probably want to change the configuration. It lists /shares and /foreign-shares automagically, and read everything it finds. In that way it easily uses more memory than is allocated (20000). But worse, this will hit your Music directory twice, because it can be found under /shares/MYVOLUME1/MYSHARE1/Music and under /shares/DMSRoot/Music. Result is rubish. If this happens to you, you must recreate the mediafolders. Just make sure that it only serves music from /shares/MYVOLUME1/MYSHARE1/Music, and you will be fine. As least I was...
    So what do you mean by change the configeration????
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    Quote Originally Posted by darbid View Post
    I totally agree but my choices are
    and that is it.

    So what do you mean by change the configeration????
    I mean the configuration you see in the web interface. (http://asus:9000/)
    But I don't see what you mean with /
    You can browse to any folder on the Asus within the webinterface. But you must narrow the mediafolders to just the folders that actually contain your music/films etc.
    Currently my NAS is broken, so I can't provide you with screenshots, but i.m.h.o. the web interface of TwonkyMedia is pretty clear and useable.


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    I hope that I can upload a picture I have not done that before.

    In my web interface when i click on browse on this screen I have limited choices. These are now cause I have been playing "/" /MUSIC and two DVD folders. That is it i cannot go "backwards" All these folders are in /shares/MYVOLUME1/MYSHARE1/Music so for example if I open my network drive I see a folder "Music" and this is the only folder that I can choose from the web interface of twonky.

    So that means that when i click in the web interface on "/" it actually scans in /shares/MYVOLUME1/MYSHARE1/Music. I thought that the INI file i inserted above controlled this but changing it did not help.
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    Now I see (with some effort...) what you mean. So you're running version 4.4, while I run still version 4.3. I don't think that it matters though.

    As my box is still malfunctioning I don't have access to my ini, but this is what I found in twonkymedia-default.ini in the zipfile
    And this in the 4.4 version:
    With contentbase=/shares/MYVOLUME1/MYSHARE1/Music it looks logical to me that you can't browse backwards in the tree. But I don't understand fully how your ini file looks like now.
    Also I find the syntax of the contentdir in my quote rather peculiar.

    But, well, give it a try with contentbase=/shares
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