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27-10-2005, 02:17

i'm trying to setup two wl500g to bridge together.

My scenario is the following:

I have - one wl500g setup as AP only, with DHCP WPA-PSK TKIP, VIRTUAL SERVER, etc.... working fine.

I've bought a second one which i'd like to setup as being an extension to the first one allowing me to place it on my backyard where it will get signal from the first wl500g and also allow clients to connect.

My problem is that i don't know how should i setup this.

I've selected Hybrid on Wireless Bridge config page, configured the channel, SSID, DHCP server, etc.... equal to the first wl500g but it doesn't work.

Even tried to change the "Operation Mode" from "Home Gateway" to "Access Point".

Can you tell me what do i need to configure ?
Can someone help me ?

27-10-2005, 10:04
You need to configure both routers in WDS mode (see your manual for that).

27-10-2005, 11:57
Thanks, that's the function that's described in the manual.

I've configured WDS on both routers in Hybrid mode in order to be able to connect my notebrickl, and it didn't work.

Do you know how will it work ? meaning, do i need to have dhcp enabled on both routers, with diferent ip networks and then configure routing bettween them or does the client connect to one router and get's the ip config from the other (the router behaves like level 2 bridge).

What do i have to have configured on each of the routers ? dhcp on both ? different ip networks or the same ?

I searched the manual and couldn't find any info regargind this doubts only says how to change the option.

Thanks in advance

27-10-2005, 12:08
Afaik (I don't have such a setup), if you use the quick setup wizard for configuring Hybrid WDS it should work out of the box, without extra configuring.

Edit: Perhaps you can search this forum for 'hybrid'....

27-10-2005, 12:33
Thanks, i needed to search for the correct word.

I'll try these links: